Apex Brewing co

A small modern micro brewery specialized in handcrafted hop-forward beers.

Music People and beer

We are Apex Brewing Company. We are the pinnacle of aroma-driven, fresh, intense and hoppy beers.

We are small batch brewing and aggressively hop forward. What we might lack in size we make up for in flavor. Our beers are the result of thoughtful attention to detail and always meticulously considered. Freshness, aroma and distinctness of flavor are the key criteria to our beers and remain our main focus throughout the whole process – from grain to glass.

Apex Brewing Company is passionate about music. We strive to be as boisterous and rowdy as Jeffrey Lee Pierce, as elaborate and progressive as Florian Schneider and as true and pioneering as Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Apex Crew

Daniel Gacic

Founder & Headbrewer

Niklas Lundgren

Founder & CEO

Arvid saltin

Brewer Technician

(Paternity leave, back in Jan -23)


Contact us at info@apexbrewing.se

Emergency Rocket IPA 3.5% ABV

Sorry English speaking citizens of the world - this message will be in Swedish.

Emergency Rocket IPA (3.5% alk.) till försäljning rakt från bryggeriet. Ja, vi fattar - det är nästan svårt att ta in. Men det är sant! Vi kommer även sälja glas. Både logo-glaset och ett helt nytt med ett fräsigt guldtryck.

🍻 Emergency Rocket IPA 3.5% ABV

🍺 Apex Logo Tumbler

🍺 Black Metal Willibecher

Nej, vi tar inte emot bokningar och vi skickar inga varor. Och vi har inga rundvandringar eller smakprovningar. 

Apex merch

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Apex Brewing co

Örebro Sweden

Skottvägen 24, 703 69 Örebro, Sweden

+46 70-373 85 77

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Monday - Friday: kl 7:00-16:00, Saturday & Sunday  - Closed